My teeth get cold when I drink cold water and brush my teeth

My teeth get cold when I drink cold water and brush my teeth


We often say that it’s worn out, broken teeth, and fake teeth, but it’s the same for everything Some parts of your teeth are shaved late or something, so you feel the symptoms when you brush your teeth or drink cold water at home So the patients come to the hospital thinking that it might be a cavity because they don’t like it. In that case, most of the cases, if we look at it, they have broken teeth or not

It gets worn out a lot So, the patients must be tired from the inconvenience of riding them, but today, I’ll explain why it happened and how to treat it In the past, you may have heard a lot about brushing your teeth so hard on the side and your gums, but researchers have found that teeth may be torn or worn out with a toothbrush, but now, the teeth are cut and break the surface of the teeth

So, personally, there are many reasons for paying, but the biggest problem is the world-bite occlusion. The second is wrong tooth brushing, and the third is institutionalization. If you drink cola or carbonated water these days, the surface of your teeth will be slightly higher That’s why you might find it So, if you have symptoms, as I said before, you can’t drink cold water or brush your teeth

So, patients misunderstand that this symptom is very similar to a cavity in the nursing table, but if your teeth get sore or uncomfortable because of your daily life, you should go to the dentist as soon as possible. If you pour a lot of ingredients these days, beer will bloom and lose a lot of new products

So if you’re watching this, whenever I brush my teeth, I drink it when it’s cold or when I drink cold water, but I’m afraid that I’ll do something big because I’m scared that I’ll get anesthesia and do something big, so I can’t go to the dentist There might be people who think that you should just drink lukewarm water or just brush your teeth like this

There’s a feeling of pain when you drink cold water, but you don’t need to take off the denture, and it goes up in 5 minutes, so don’t use it and go to the dentist to get treatment

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