Lillard’s mind will change at this rate Portland’s elusive move

Lillard’s mind will change at this rate Portland’s elusive move


Portland is trying to take an incomprehensible step toward Winnow and rebuilding at the same time.

Jonathan Gibboni, a reporter for ESPN, reported on the Portland Trail Blazers on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

Portland, which played two seasons after breaking up with manager Terry Stotts, suffered from missing the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Damian Lillard’s best performance since his debut this season, but the team failed to rebound.

Lillard, who wants to win Portland, has strongly called on the club to strengthen its strength to become a strong team. Lillard also expressed the idea that Portland currently has enough asset to strengthen its power.

Zion Williamson, Pascal Siakam, Bradley Beale and Bam Adebayo have emerged as candidates for Portland’s recruitment, but news that they are close to the transfer has rarely appeared. It was also said that Portland, which won the third-place nomination in the roundabout draw, planned to pick one of Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson. Portland is reportedly valuing the third-priority nomination rights considerably

Reporter Gibboni said Portland was considering exercising its third-place nomination while remaining Lillard. It means that he will continue to maintain his winnow stance with Lillard and expect the growth of young players such as Anfany Simons and Shaden Sharp, who will join the team in the third place. It is an incomprehensible move that may miss both rabbits 온라인토토

Reporter Gibbon said, “Portland plans to defend their third-place nomination rights and vote for Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson unless there is an amazing deal that will appeal to them. Their goal is to stay competitive with Damien Lillard and prepare for the future with Anfany Simons, Shaden Sharp and third-ranked prospects,” he said.

If Portland’s stance continues, Lillard’s loyalty to the club is likely to change. Lillard doesn’t want to play with rebuilding or prospects.

If Lillard leaves the team, Miami is being mentioned as a strong candidate. Miami, which has stepped back from the Bradley Beale trade, is reportedly actively seeking to recruit Lillard, including Jimmy Butler

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