My liberation diary director’s new work is hip casting

My liberation diary director’s new work is hip casting Han Ji-min and Lee Min-ki

Lee Min-ki

Actors Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki and Su-ho united.

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Hiply,” which will premiere on August 12, is a comic investigation drama featuring a sincere Ojirapper veterinarian who can see the past of animals and people with accidental psychometry in Mujin, a crime-free rural village, and an elite detective who needs her ability to return to Gwangsu University in Seoul. The “crash” duo, which was solving small life-friendly cases among peaceful and simple but somehow suspicious villagers, is swept away by a series of murders and collaborates beyond imagination.

Above all, director Kim Seok-yoon and writer Lee Nam-kyu have reunited for the first time in four years, starting with Han Ji-min, the main character of “The Light in Your Eyes,” who was loved by awakening the precious value of life. The “life work makers,” who are excellent at melting warm and witty laughter, will appear as extreme comedies that guarantee a clear laugh this time. The differentiated “Psychometric (Psychometric X Comic) Thriller” that has never been seen before stimulates expectations. On top of that, director Kim Seok-yoon, Lee Min-ki, who caused the “My Liberation Diary” syndrome, and Suho, who is expected to transform into an actor, will join the drama fans even more excited.

Han Ji-min plays Bong Ye-bun, a veterinarian who somehow acquired psychometric superpowers. Bong Ye-bun, who has the ability to “hip” more than those who can see the past when touching his butt, whether it’s a person or an animal. He is affectionate and obnoxious, and while experimenting with his ability, he is tricked by passionate detective Moon Moon-yeol (Lee Min-ki) to solve the mystery case. Han Ji-min, who showed unlimited acting skills with a wide spectrum, adds expectations to what kind of face she will turn into this time.

Han Ji-min said, “I prepared and worked hard with all my heart and affection to the extent that it was regrettable that the filming was coming to an end every day,” adding, “Because there were director Kim Seok-yoon, writer Lee Nam-kyu, actors and staff, ‘Hiply’ could be completed.” At the end of the summer, I will visit you ‘Hiply’,” raising expectations.

Lee Min-ki transforms from Gwangsudae to Munjangyeol, a hot-blooded detective who was demoted to Mujin in a rural village. He, who has a special obsession with investigating the case, is a person who is as full of “desire” as “passion,” and travels around the world looking for an opportunity to return to Gwangsu University from the world’s peaceful and quiet of the world. Bong Ye-bun, who has a fresh and strange ability, appears in front of such Moon Jae-yeol and takes his soul out. While dealing with cases one by one by one by twisting Bongyebun, the passionate criminal instinct wakes up properly as a series of murders occur in Mujin. Attention is focused on the comic synergy that Lee Min-ki, who drew sympathy from viewers with his realistic and delicate acting in “My Liberation Diary,” will create with Han Ji-min.

Lee Min-ki said, “I was so grateful to meet Jang Yeol-ro, Ye-bun and Sun-woo, and it was an honor to work hard and enjoy with good seniors and juniors, directors, and our staff,” adding, “I was so grateful when I worked on it, but after passing it, it became a more precious memory.” “I’m also looking forward to the broadcast with excitement,” he said.

Kim Sun-woo, who has an angelic appearance and personality, is played by Su-ho, a member of the group EXO and an actor. One day, Kim Sun-woo, who suddenly came down to Mujin and started working at a convenience store, shakes Bong Ye-bun’s heart at once with a kind smile. Expectations are also high for Suho’s performance, which will unravel the mysterious aspect of Kim Sun-woo, who is kind but can hardly read his thoughts.

Suho said, “I usually really liked director Kim Seok-yoon’s work. “It was meaningful and grateful to work together,” he said, adding, “I was also happy to act with my respected seniors, and it is even more meaningful for me because it has been a long time since I acted.”

“HIPHOP” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on August 12th, following “King the Land”

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