Real transfer Bellingham is the second-place

Real transfer Bellingham is the second-place Golden Boy’s expected No. 1 player in Munich Supernova


Jude Bellingham, who made headlines when he moved to Real Madrid, was not the most likely winner of the Golden Boy award given to Europe’s top prospects.

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 21st (Korea Standard Time) that “Bellingham is the most valuable young player in soccer, but he finished second in the Golden Boy rankings.”

Golden Boy is an award given to the best European under-21 prospect and is also called the Ballon d’Or’s promising version

In 2005, Lionel Messi won the award, and top-rated players in the soccer world, such as Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, Cesc Fabregas, Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling, Matthias Duricht and Elling Holan, won the award, announcing their appearance in the soccer world.

Most recently, Barcelona prospect Pablo Garvey won the award in 2022, and in 2021, Pedro from Barcelona won the award, recognizing his potential.

Bellingham is the most likely winner this year. Bellingham moved to Real Madrid on the 14th and was recognized as the best prospect in Europe. Since his time at Dortmund, he has been noted for his tremendous performance and outstanding ability, and his transfer to Real gave him the opportunity to become the starting member of the world’s top club at the age of 19

“Bellingham’s status was further highlighted in his assessment of the Golden Boy award’s competitors,” The Sun said. According to an analysis by Football Benchmark, his actual value is 130 million pounds (about 214.4 billion won). Belingham is ahead of Jamal Musiala of Bayern Munich and Pablo Garvey of Barcelona, who are considered his rivals in terms of value, he said, explaining that Bellingham’s value is the highest among promising players of his age.

“Musuala was evaluated to be ahead of Bellingham in the Golden Boy index, which even considered success at the club level,” he said, adding that despite his personal value, he is falling behind the Golden Boy Award nomination

In the expected Golden Boy rankings released by The Sun, Musiala topped the list, while Bellingham finished second. Last year’s winner Pablo Garvey came in third, and Antonio Silva (Benfica), Alejandro Valde (Barcelona), and Xavi Simmons (PSV Eindhoven) were also named. 실시간배팅

Meanwhile, the Premier League produced the most players among the top 100 players in the rankings. The Premier League produced 13 of the 100 Golden Boy nominees.

With Bellingham, who has repeatedly suffered from Golden Boy awards despite his high value and excellent skills, raising his value by transferring to Real, much attention is expected to be paid to whether he will be able to win the Golden Boy over leading candidate Musiala

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