Der Bruyne at least 4 months of absence shock

Der Bruyne at least 4 months of absence shock


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has complained about the growing number of games, with Kevin Dubrowiner sidelined for about four months with a hamstring injury.

Spain’s RAC1 said on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), “Guardiola exploded due to the increase in the number of games,” adding, “Guardiola complained that longer seasons of strong teams cause more injuries to players.”

Manchester City will play the UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla (Spain) in the 2023/24 season at 4 a.m. on the 17th at Karayskakis Stadium in Pireas, Greece. Manchester City is in a situation where it has to face Sevilla without key midfielder Derbrowner, while the Champions League winner and the Europa League winner are drawing keen attention.

Dubrawiner, who has scored 96 goals and 153 assists in 358 games since joining Manchester City in 2015, also led Manchester City’s treble (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League) by scoring 10 goals and 31 assists in 49 games last season.

He was expected to play as a key resource in the midfield again this season, but he suffered a bad luck of being replaced 23 minutes into the first half due to a recurrence of a hamstring injury in the Premier League opening match against Burnley.

According to the BBC, Der Bruyne is expected to be absent for up to four months. In fact, he lost all of his schedules in the first half of the season

Guardiola complained, claiming that Der Bruyne’s injury was due to the increasing number of games and playing time.

“It’s not a good situation,” Guardiola told Mobista, according to RAC1. “Dubraweiner is really important and very special to us,” he lamented.

He then cited Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois and Eder Militang, who suffered cruciate ligament injuries, as the cause of the increase in the number of matches by strong teams. Guardiola said, “My first preseason as a player was given 25 days to prepare for my first official game. But now they are only given four or five days. “How many injuries have occurred,” he said, claiming that the recent pre-season game schedule is also quite tight.

“We’re going to Asia, to the United States,” he said. There are really tough games, derby, big games. To continue the show, the players fall and fall. “Someone else would have been hurt, even if it wasn’t Courtois or Militang or Dubrawiner,” he added 안전놀이터

Guardiola said, “If we finish the Champions League, we will play a friendly match for the national team for two or three weeks. This is not to say that playing for the national team is bad. The same is true of the Club World Cup. In the past, there were only Copa Libertadores and Champions League teams, but now more than 30 teams have to go to the United States. Unless the players say they don’t play on their own, it’s like a lost battle, he said. “UEFA or FIFA will not do anything.”

Finally, he also complained about the extended game time as the additional time has recently increased. Guardiola said, “UEFA and FIFA are adding more time to the game. Let’s imagine a game where time is wasted and time is wasted and 10 minutes longer. It’s like playing 110 minutes per game. “If you look at the end of the league, it will be like playing 43 games, not 38 games, because of this added time,” he said adding, “There are more games such as the Champions League and the Club World Cup.” We need to find a balance. “Quality is important, not quantity.”

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