It’s like a museum in Lee Seung-gi’s house and he even asks for explan

It’s like a museum in Lee Seung-gi’s house and he even asks for explan


In the Strong Heart League, Kim Dong-hyun mentioned the museum-level house of Lee Seung-gi and demanded the truth (?) about the whereabouts of his cherished item.

On the SBS entertainment show “Strong Heart League,” which aired on the 15th, a special episode of My Friend (Introducing My Friend) was drawn.

On this day, Kim Dong-hyun revealed about Lee Seung-gi, saying, “I am proud of the special forces,” and said that he was not voluntarily enlisted. He said, “I demand the truth that he joined the special forces without realizing it after applying for the army.” In response, Lee Seung-gi corrected, saying, “I never said I applied for the special forces (image of applying) and I just didn’t explain it.” He responded blandly, saying, “This is something we can just talk about on the phone.”

When the revelation didn’t work, Kim Dong-hyun said, “This would be a big damage,” and added, “I really get a lot of wins from the collection of ‘Precious Items’ by the masters,” adding, “I received a lot of expensive cherished items. To the point where everyone says, “Seunggi’s house must be a museum.” From Kim Yeon-kyung’s uniform to Jeon Jong-oh’s gun, there are also many expensive items.

When Kim Dong-hyun said, “But when I go home, I don’t have my cherished item at home, so I ask for the truth about the whereabouts of my cherished item,” everyone said, “Did you throw it away?” “Did you sell it or is it an auction?” he wondered. In response, Lee Seung-gi explained, “I didn’t sell it personally.”

In addition, speed skating and Korea’s first gold medalist Mo Tae-beom appeared on the day. “I’m not an attention seeker, but I want to get attention,” he said, revealing the thumbnail.He said, “I started skating at the age of 7 and retired after 23 years of activities, once in four years, I was forgotten by the public by mistake, and if I do well in entertainment, I get attention right away than an Olympic medal.” “I get energized,” he said.

When asked how he started exercising, he said, “The owner told me to go to a cold place because it was a burning fire,” and Kim Dong-hyun said, “There are rays in the fishbowl at home,” and he said, “I like holryong and stingrays, so I need water.”

At this time, Kim Dong-hyun said, “I dress splendidly, accessories, and jewelry a lot,” and Lee Ji-hye, who likes to receive attention because she is an attention seeker, said, “Then it’s a nuclear attention seeker,” making people laugh

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