Jang Dong-gun certified travel to Japan on National Liberation Day

Jang Dong-gun certified travel to Japan on National Liberation Day

Jang Dong-gun

Actress Ko So-young uploaded and deleted photos of her trip to Japan. He seems to be conscious of the response that the timing is not appropriate.

On the 15th, Ko So-young uploaded several photos to her Instagram. The photo shows Ko So-young’s family, who seems to have gone on a trip together. Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young, as well as sons and daughters, are gathered together to take proof shots.

But the problem was that their travel destination was Japan. In addition to the photos taken in front of the animation character panel, Ko So-young posted a number of photos that anyone could infer that the background was Japan, including goods shops, local restaurants and convenience stores with Japanese menus.

Internet users who saw this responded that it was inappropriate to upload photos of their trip to Japan on August 15th Liberation Day. Liberation Day is a day to commemorate Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945 and to celebrate the establishment of the Korean government, which inherited the provisional government law.

Even if it is a family trip to make memories, it is a short-sighted action to post pictures of traveling to Japan and enjoying Japanese culture on Liberation Day. Internet users expressed regret over Ko So-young’s behavior of posting photos of her trip to Japan on the day of Liberation Day, saying, “I could have put up with it for just one day” and “I could have uploaded it slowly.”

When such negative opinions were also poured into the comments, Ko So-young immediately deleted the post in question. However, as Ko So-young’s posts spread through online communities, criticism is raging, and a considerable backlash is expected 광주호빠

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