Should I break the jinx of 50 billion won that Kang Pul made

Should I break the jinx of 50 billion won that Kang Pul made


“There are people like this and people like that in the world. There are people like you and people like me. I’ll keep it a secret.”

Hee-soo (Ko Yoon-jung), who learned about Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha)’s ability, seems to be insignificant. It’s an unexpected reaction. It is even more surprising that the person who confessed the secret that he had hidden and hidden in his own way. Heesoo asks Bong-seok, who is grateful that it is okay to be in a strange country. Bong-seok’s mother Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo), who was listening to the conversation with her supernatural powers downstairs, smiles proudly and cutely. This was what Heesoo said.

“Is it strange? It’s nothing else. What’s wrong. It’s nothing special. You’re not weird. It’s just a little different and special.

The river grass is at the center of “Moving”

The meaning of this scene, which implies the theme of Disney Plus’s <Moving>, which was released on the 9th, is special in many ways. The re-establishment of the Korean version of heroism, the familiarity or novelty of a commoner hero who goes a little different from Marvel, which was sometimes attempted in Hollywood movies and dramas, plus the 50 billion won “Ttakkal” and rich actors who are likely to make several dramas.

It is very interesting that <Moving>, which has such colorful marketing points, has a simple worldview, diversity and minority sensibility boasting a history from <X-Men>, and its own humanism and family love that can be openly embarrassing.

The name Gangpul is located at the center of such <Moving>. The name alone provides several clues to explain <Moving>. The popularity of the original webtoon of the same name with more than 200 million views, the reputation of starting a Korean-style hero movie, and the curiosity about the play written by the original author, who named it the “original/author” for the second time after director Park In-je.

As a result, the industry’s attention is focused on the direction of Disney Plus, which has poured all-time production costs. Disney Plus, which has recently been pushed by Netflix and has signaled more than one thing at home and abroad, is drawing keen attention to whether it will hit a proper reversal with “Moving.”

Whether or not, the content itself needs to be powerful to reverse the hit, and the influx of subscribers that Disney Plus wants will become a reality. “Moving,” which has released up to seven out of 20 episodes, has produced attractive results that will satisfy existing viewers, original fans who have been waiting for Kang Full’s legend to be visualized, and anyone who is curious about the 50 billion won creation.

I knew the enemy who killed my father. Then, the son of a superpower who was driving a bus ignored his job as a bus driver and made an illegal U-turn. We need to chase that truck, the delivery truck! We need to get him! That’s how the car chase started. The son, who is on the verge of death, manages to stop the bus when a car that collided with a killer’s reckless driving truck disguised as a courier flies in.

It is an episode of “Lightning Man” Gye Do (Cha Tae-hyun) and killer Frank (Ryu Seung-beom), which are not in the original. Regardless of the attraction or the angry emotional lines of the character, it would be customary to chase the killer even if the car was smashed with a bus. “Moving” inserts a scene in which the stopped guidance checks that the car did not explode or any other collision took place, and then starts the bus again. Then we move on to a one-on-one battle.

Let’s watch one more scene. Frank, who was facing off with Heesoo’s father, Joo-won (Ryu Seung-ryong), asks this question in a state of confusion. “Do you have children…?”, the same question asked to the previously eliminated talent. “Moving” shows Frank’s warrior, who was forcibly adopted to the United States before and after that and raised as a killer, with considerable effort. A warrior set in a cornfield in Iowa, famous for the movie “The Field of Dreams.”

“Moving” is an interesting and multi-layered text that mixes the customs of hero movies, the differences between Korean and ordinary hero movies, and the lullaby of the original Gangpul, which supports it, apart from the unity of the original. This is true even if it excludes the external singularity that a global OTT called Disney Plus produced.

“Moving” is a family drama. The setting that children inherit their parents’ (super) abilities is itself “Korean.” Joo-won’s consolation, “It’s because you look like your father,” to Hee-soo, who is more sorry for being fine even after fighting with the first class 17 to 1, is more meaningful because it is dual. The entire narrative up to episode 7 is filled with slow and warm explanations and ups and downs surrounding the inheritance of this ability.

Bong-seok’s mother Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo) must hide her son and her abilities unconditionally. That’s how you survive. It is the same with the Lord’s House. But how can life and life be at your disposal. Is it the nature of young people. It is not easy for parents and children to control their ability to suppress due to internal and external factors. The search for family, heredity, and humanity (humanity) from it will be the key to “Moving.”

Moving is a good drama. Not all teenage growth dramas highlight their cute or sweet sides. Even considering that it is a paving stone for the second half, the view of drawing youth surrounding Bong-seok, Hee-joo, and Kang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon) is the same. In the same context, Frank’s struggles and regrets as a child were drawn with quite a lot of appreciation, while also giving room for empathy.

It seems that children who have inherited their abilities do not have much intention of reflecting on the main subject of how they join forces with their parents’ generation to confront external enemies. He also has no intention of pushing too much expression or displaying violence. An example is a guide who checks the victim’s vehicle during the chase. I’m even curious about how to cook these restrictions in the mid-to-late period

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