Dinosaur Corps Trade Request for Lillard

Dinosaur Corps Trade Request for Lillard


Toronto looks to recruit Lillard.

Mark Stain, a reporter for “The Stain Line,” reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that the Toronto Raptors are interested in recruiting Damien Lillard.

Lilladrama, which began with Lillad’s trade request, has rarely shown any signs of ending before the opening of the season. Lillard strongly wants a move to Miami, but negotiations between Miami and Portland are not progressing quickly.

Lillard’s agent created a controversy by threatening teams other than Miami not to take Lillard. However, Portland is more likely to pursue deals with other teams than Miami, where cards are limited, in order to get players in the more desired direction.

Meanwhile, there is news about clubs seeking to recruit Lillard in addition to Miami. The representative team is the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto, which split from Kyle Lowry in the summer of 2021, also split from Fred VanVleet in this transfer window. Although Dennis Schroder has been recruited, it is a resource that is not enough to use as a starting point guard for a team aiming for more than a playoff.

Currently, Toronto has an ambiguous move between rebuilding and Winnow. If Lillard is recruited, their power can certainly gain momentum. However, it is also important to see how much power leakage there is in return for the benefit.

“Toronto has convinced other teams in the league that their interest in Damien Lillard is real,” Stain said.

The key is Lillard’s heart. Even if Toronto persuades Portland, the meaning of the trade will fade a lot if Lillard, who has been reluctant to move to a team other than Miami, is not willing to play for them. Stain said Toronto is considering whether to go all-in on recruiting Lillard

If Toronto actively seeks to recruit Lillard, either Scottie Barnes, a rookie-turned-promising player, or OG Anunobi, a market-value 3&D player, is expected to be included in the trade. It is expected that a package will be formed by combining a number of draft picks 파워볼게임

In the past, Toronto boldly recruited Kawhi Leonard and experienced its first championship. Will the Corps of Dinosaurs succeed in its plan to recruit another superstar in a trade?

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