Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon stage I don’t think it’s cool

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon stage I don’t think it’s cool when I’m lazy


Singer Hyoyeon’s October issue of “Cosmopolitan” has been released.

Hyoyeon is rumored to have received applause from all staff members for her wild charisma and sensual beauty while digesting high fashion against the backdrop of a pile of abandoned cars in a junkyard.

Hyoyeon, who successfully finished her digital single “Picture” activity and proved her competence as a solo singer and performer, smiled brightly and expressed her affection for dance, saying, “It’s fun, exciting, and difficult.” He said, “Do you know that dance continues to create new genres? If you don’t accept it and practice it, you stay. So I like that there’s something I need to keep doing. I know when I monitor it. If I neglect to practice even a little, I don’t seem to have enough time and have a lot of energy. Because I don’t want to show that, I practice indefinitely before I go on stage, he said. “I try to dance, whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour a day.” “I really respect people who are consistent with their own rules. It’s not cool to be lazy,” he said.

Hyoyeon said, “Now I have the self-esteem I have gained through my career and experience,” adding, “When I was young, I wanted to win everything regardless of water and fire.” I had to be in the top ranks, dance or anything, and I had to get attention, and I practiced until the end to do that. Now that desire has calmed down a bit. I want to enjoy it rather than immerse myself too much,” he said.

Hyoyeon, who has found her leisure, is into camping. He said, “There are so many good spots in Korea that I go back and forth between the beach and the mountains. I play jangbak a lot. What’s really interesting is winter camping, so I’m already looking forward to winter. It’s cold outside, but it’s cozy inside the tent, and I woke up in the morning and went out of the tent, and I love the first time I step on the snow piled up with wreaths. I love the sense of being in my own world. “There are times when people around me feel frustrated because I don’t look at my phone so much (laugh).”

The October issue of “Cosmopolitan,” featuring Hyoyeon’s intense pictorial and sincere interview, will be available at bookstores nationwide from October 22, 2023, and will also be available on the Cosmopolitan Korea website and Instagram 대구호빠

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