Han Chae who bragged about not resting with Cha Seji

Han Chae who bragged about not resting with Cha Seji

Han Chae

Han Chae-ah, who boasted of her affectionate relationship with her husband Cha Se-chi, sobbed in “The Resting Couple,” which airs today (4th).

MBN’s “Resting Couple” said, “In the last episode that airs today, couples who returned to their daily lives after the “Resting Couple Workshop” show a changed relationship.”

Han Chae-ah and Kim Sa-rom shed tears endlessly at the dramatic change in her blunt Gyeongsang-do husband “No.”

No-yo and the call taxi couple visit Jeju Island again, where they went on their honeymoon. Naturally, they hold each other’s hands and walk down the street together. In response to No-yo’s active expression of affection, Call Taxi said, “I like it now more than my honeymoon,” adding, “This program is a very happy program 광주호스트바

MC Han Chae-ah and Kim Sa-rom, who watched the couple’s surprise, shed tears endlessly. Han Chae-ah and Kim Sa-rom admire “perfect.”

Earlier, Han Chae-ah confessed to her husband, Cha Se-chi, through “a resting couple,” saying, “I don’t rest my marital relationship.”

“Please look forward to the last story of couples who have changed so much that you can’t believe that a big change has happened in just three months,” said the production team of “Resting Couple.”

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