If Kang Ki-young and Cho Byung-kyu cared

If Kang Ki-young and Cho Byung-kyu cared about the risk of school violence, they wouldn’t have done it

Kang Ki-young

“If I cared a lot about the issue, I wouldn’t have participated. I only saw the chemistry between the work and the actors, and I tried not to keep anything else in mind.”

Recently, Kang Ki-young showed her honest charm by conducting an interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, for the end of the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama “Amazing Rumor 2: Counter Punch” (hereinafter referred to as “Gyeongmun 2”).

In the play, Kang Ki-young charmingly completed the villain “Pilgwang,” which is filled with only evil. As the episodes continued, explosive passionate performances such as sleek action and breathtaking tension showed synergy, increasing the immersion of the play.

In the final episode, which aired on the 4th, Rumor (Cho Byung-kyu) led evil spirit Pilgwang (Kang Ki-young) to hell, and the complete group of “Counters” performed well, achieving a successful conclusion.

Gyeongmun 2 is based on a webtoon of the same name with a cumulative number of 190 million views and 9 million readers. Was there any pressure on the original.

Kang Ki-young said, “I did many works that had original works. The same goes for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” and I think the original should be reflected as much as possible. “Isn’t faithfully working on the original work a way to repay the original maniacs?” he said.

Gyeongrumun 2 approached viewers with the risk of school violence by leading actor Cho Byung-kyu. It raised concerns as a work that was aired in a situation where the controversy over school violence was not completely settled.

In response, Kang Ki-young cautiously said, “In fact, if I had paid a lot of attention to the issue, I wouldn’t have participated.”

“As a viewer who enjoyed watching ‘Gyeongmun 1’, I waited for the production of season 2 and only watched the work because they gave me a proposal as a villain,” he stressed.

Kang Ki-young added, “I only saw the chemistry of the actors and tried not to keep anything else in mind.”

As for his collaboration with Cho Byung-kyu, he was a child actor when he was working on the drama “Queen of the Seven Days.” He said, “I think I thought he was very good at it because he was a young friend,” adding, “It’s hard to see the (abyss) composition against each other, but he didn’t show any difficulty in black water.” That’s why I was able to do it as an older brother,” he said.

He said, “I felt like I was going to fall if I had no place to lean on, but I think we were facing each other. I wanted to express this god in a cool way. “I haven’t seen the results yet, but I want to say thank you for your hard work,” he said.

Kang Ki-young said, “It’s the abyss and the inner side of the character, but it seems to have a great special effect, but it’s a scene that was filmed mainly in real life and I haven’t seen much of it either. Acting was so new and scary. “I was scared because I didn’t do it before because I had to go in and out myself, and after I did it, I was scared because it was hard,” he laughed.

As for the action scene, he said, “In the beginning, I used psychokinesis, but I thought it was ‘honey’ because it was such a strong villain,” adding, “Other characters became strong and there was a blow.” I couldn’t avoid the action, and when I did it, I opened up a hard work. It’s not easy because I have to pretend when I’m strangled. It felt like my limbs were being pulled,” he said.

“It was not easy to breathe because of the pressure of the wire,” he said. “Over there, Rumor (Cho Byung-kyu) is doing well as he endured, and it seems to have been a mutual help and consolation like comradeship,” he added.

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