Son Heung-min even wrote a new history Multiple goals

Son Heung-min even wrote a new history Multiple goals exploded against Arsenal

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) wrote the North London derby ‘new history’. Son Heung-min is the first player to score multiple goals in Arsenal’s away match in 30 years, and he is the first player to score multiple goals at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. Tottenham also poured out various records, including 150 goals in official matches, 199 goals in the European stage, and 28th in the English Premier League (EPL).

Son Heung-min scored multiple goals in the ‘North London Derby’ in the 6th round of the 2023-24 EPL at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). It is a scoring shot that was restarted in two games following a hat-trick (3 goals) away to Burnley on the 2nd. Tottenham was in a corner after losing a point to Arsenal, but was revived by Son Heung-min’s equalizer. Son Heung-min won one valuable point on the burdensome Arsenal expedition, and Son Heung-min became the main character.

Son Heung-min poured out various records as he scored multiple goals in Arsenal’s away match. According to Squacca and Opta, Son Heung-min first became the first Tottenham player in history to score multiple goals in the North London Derby held at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home stadium. Arsenal used Arsenal Stadium as their new home ground since 2006.

It is the first time in 30 years that a Tottenham player has scored multiple goals in a North London derby away match regardless of Arsenal Stadium. Prior to Son Heung-min, John Hendry scored multiple goals in Arsenal’s away match in May 1993. In the next 30 years, no Tottenham player has scored multiple goals in the North London derby held in Arsenal’s away match, and Son Heung-min has become the new protagonist.

Not only that. Son Heung-min scored two goals in the away game, rising to fourth place in the North London derby’s most goals ever. Son Heung-min, who has been on par with leading players such as Thierry Henry, Gareth Bale and Robin van Persie (five goals above), scored two goals on the day, surpassing the previous players. The players ahead of Son were Harry Kane (14 goals), Emmanuel Adebayor (10 goals), and Robert Pires (8 goals).

He also poured out meaningful personal records. With two goals on the day, Son Heung-min scored a total of 150 goals for the first time in nine seasons after joining Tottenham. He joined Tottenham in August 2015, scoring 150 goals, including 108 EPL goals, 14 FA Cup goals, 4 League Cups, and 24 UEFA club competitions. Among Tottenham players, only five have scored more goals than Son Heung-min, including Harry Kane (Bayern Munich, 280 goals) and Jimmy Greaves (266 goals). Son Heung-min narrowed the gap with fifth-ranked Cliff Jones (159th) by a single digit, signaling a new history for Tottenham.

He also scored 199 goals in his individual European career, just one goal shy of his 200th goal. Son Heung-min, who debuted in Hamburg (Germany) in the 2010-11 season and scored his European debut and debut goals, scored 20 goals in Hamburg and 29 goals in Leverkusen (Germany). Furthermore, he scored 199 goals in Europe by adding 150 goals for Tottenham. Now, one more goal will leave Son as a player with 200 goals in Europe alone.

The EPL’s overall scoring ranking, which is rising every time he scores a goal, has already risen to 28th place. Son Heung-min, who was tied for 33rd with Cristiano Ronaldo (103 goals) before the season, added a hat-trick against Burnley and multiple goals against Arsenal, raising his ranking to 28th with Peter Crouch with 108 goals in the EPL. In the process, Son Heung-min beat famous players such as Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, and Paul Scholes. In the future, the ranking will rise with each goal. He is just one goal behind 27th-ranked Ryan Giggs, while Emile Heskey and Sadio Mane are also ahead of Son Heung-min by one goal.

He also joined the competition for the top scorer for the first time in two seasons since the 2011-22 season, when he became the first Asian player to hold the EPL top scorer title (23 goals). While Erling Holan (Manchester City) is the sole leader with eight goals, Son Heung-min is also in second place with five goals. Coach Enzi Postecoglou has recently been playing Son Heung-min as a front-line one-top striker, and as his scoring shot has revived in the process, the future race for the top scorer will also catch fire.

Multiple goals against Arsenal, which left a new history and milestone one after another, were also the so-called “nail” effect. On the same day, Son Heung-min played as a front-line one-top striker in a 4-2-3-1 format. In the second line, Brennan Johnson, James Madison, and Dejan Kulusevski were deployed, while Yves Bissouma and Pape Matarsar were in the midfield. Destiny Udozi, Mickey Panderpen, Christian Romero and Pedro Porro defended the defense line, while Guglielmo Vicario defended the goal.

Tottenham’s start was not good. In the 26th minute of the first half, defender Romero’s own goal allowed a run. However, Son Heung-min came out as a troubleshooter. In the 42nd minute of the first half, he scored a valuable equalizer in a counterattack situation. Madison completely broke the left side of the penalty box and gave up a cutback, and Son Heung-min changed direction with his left foot and shook the net. He scored his first shot on the day.

Romero’s handball foul allowed a penalty kick and lost the 1-2 lead again. It was Son Heung-min who saved Tottenham from a corner again this time. Madison, who intercepted the opponent’s ball in the 10th minute of the second half, launched a counterattack, and Son Heung-min also sprinted from the other side. Son Heung-min connected the pass given by Madison with a half-beat fast nonstop shot to shake the Arsenal net. It was a multi-goal moment with various milestone. After scoring multiple goals, Son Heung-min roared after sharing his joy with fans who cheered on the away game 안전놀이터

Later, Son Heung-min also tried to shoot with his right foot in the 24th minute of the second half, but was blocked by a defender. It was a game where he had a hat trick opportunity, but he was replaced in the 34th minute of the second half and finished the game. Two of the three shots were scored, and the pass success rate was 93%. Above all, Tottenham scored multiple goals as a troubleshooter whenever they were in a corner, so it was natural for the spotlight of the North London derby to pour out.

The British public broadcaster BBC selected Son Heung-min as the best 11 in the sixth round of the EPL. BBC said, “Son Heung-min showed a lot when Tottenham needed a strong performance. Both of Tottenham’s goals were brilliantly produced by Son Heung-min,” he praised

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