Yoon Park’s beautiful wife Kim Soo-bin expressed her feelings

Yoon Park’s beautiful wife Kim Soo-bin expressed her feelings about marriage

Yoon Park

Kim Soo-bin (30), the wife of actress Yoon Park (35), expressed her feelings about marriage.

Model Kim Soo-bin wrote on the 3rd, “I would like to sincerely thank everyone who blessed and celebrated the future of our couple yesterday,” and shared photos and videos of the wedding held the previous day to the public.

At the same time, Kim Soo-bin said, “It was a day where I deeply felt how precious and precious each step was. “I will not forget this grateful heart for the rest of my life and live with it in my heart,” he said adding, “I sincerely thank you once again,” expressing his gratitude to those who congratulated me on my marriage.

In the photos and videos released together, Kim Soo-bin’s elegant beauty in a wedding dress is admirable. Yoon Park’s face in a stylish tuxedo is full of happiness. In response to his wife Kim Soo-bin’s post, her husband Yoon Park showed off his affection by leaving a comment with a heart, saying, “I love you, I’m on my side.” Kim Soo-bin also released a wedding photo on the eve of the wedding, and Kim Soo-bin’s extraordinary beauty was by far surprising.

Yoon Park said of Kim Soo-bin at the time of the wedding announcement, “He gave me a lot of love and trust during the time we spent together, and the happiness and stability we felt each other decided this moment.”

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